empowering women & children

Women’s Empowerment Program (WEP) 

The Women's Empowerment Program (WEP) is dedicated to uplift, educate, train, and enable women to have strong, healthy and sustainable lives. This is aimed at improving family livelihoods and sustainability. The church uses WEP as a tool to spread the Gospel of the kingdom of God and provide a holistic ministry that works towards restoring the whole person. 

some of the skills that women are trained in:

Beauty School Trade (salon and hairstyling)

Financial Savings Groups

Sewing Trade (w/ loom projects)

Market Ready Product Creation (bracelets, purses, etc.)

Financial Accountability (money management)

Computer Literacy Training 

If you would like to learn more on how to support our Women’s Empowerment Program, please email us for more information at womf@womf.org. Over the next couple of years, we are looking for an ambitious expansion into new communities with WEP. Email us to learn how to partner with this program!

Vulnerable Children’s Program (VCP)

WOMF has been supporting orphans & vulnerable children on behalf of their sponsors for over 25 years. We have had hundreds of children go through our program with a majority of them completing at least high school or trade school level of education. In the past WOMF has focused on just orphans. We will continue to have orphans in our program, but we have recently expanded it to not only for orphans but also for other vulnerable children.

We have tried to keep the costs as low as possible. However, with the cost of education and basic needs for children skyrocketing we need to make some changes. The inflation rate in Uganda is 5.4% a year (as of 2015 Bank of Uganda). As part of our effort to keep the costs low we have expanded the program to have more than one sponsor per child. We are also preparing to expand from Uganda into other African nations. Each nation will have its own set of challenges, but we want to maintain a cohesive program.

what we provide to the child:

Each child is treated as part of the VCP family. We provide the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, where absent, and medical care for each child in our program. They receive a Bible-based education from elementary school through high school or trade school, whichever is best suited to their individual needs, circumstances and dreams. We also provide a loving atmosphere where each child is valued for who they are and encouraged to fulfill the purpose God has designed them for.

Each child will receive a Christmas gift and a birthday gift depending on funds available. They will also receive any letters, cards, or gifts that you send above and beyond their regular support.

what we commit to the sponsor:

We will make sure your support is used to educate and care for your child. You will receive regular updates and communication about and from your child. Your child will know that you are making a difference in his/her life.

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