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Ron and Shirley DeVore

Ron and Shirley DeVore

Founders, WOMF Board Members and President of WOMF
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    30 years

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Ron and Shirley have been very active in ministry from an early age.  They have been successful in business and in ministry.  Ron and Shirley are the Papa and Mama of the ministry.  They started WOMF in 1993 in a need to support the new ministry in Uganda Africa.  They started that same minsitry in Uganda with Pastor Steve Mayanja and Pastor Stephen Kaweesa.

Ron and Shirley still keep to date with the work of WOMF but have taken a less active role traveling and particapating in the day to day work.  Both are still Board members for WOMF.  Ron is the President and Shirley is the Vice-Chairman of the Board.

Ron and Shirley have placed a high standard on the ministry that is still going strong.  Their heart is for the lost and hurting in the world.

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