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Rita Lambdin

Rita Lambdin

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My name is Rita, but everyone calls me Jjaja in Uganda where I volunteer 9 months out of the year. I return to America to visit my family each year. I have two sons and five grandchildren all living in Michigan. Two of my four granddaughters are in college and my grandson is a Marine. Because of my degree in Business Administration, with a minor in accounting, I was an office manager and accountant for a Florida retirement community association for over 25 years.

When the Lord moved upon my heart to go to Uganda, my first duties were to be a grandparent to the little orphans in the baby home. After three years and after creating a small nursery class within the home, I had the great joy of watching the little ones move successfully on to primary/elementary school. About that same time, the Bible College was making significant changes due to its newly acquired accreditation.

One new requirement for them was to have degreed teachers. I was invited to teach the first year students English. God has been good to me and faithful in guiding me to teach these young adults. In addition to teaching English, I now teach public speaking, English composition and comprehension. A marriage course was added to my schedule to allow time for other teachers to take classes towards their bachelor's degrees. Thank goodness the director of the college understood my challenges and was always open to my questions and gave excellent advice.

During 2015 a door of opportunity was opened to the college. We became twice-a-month ministers to the children at the children's prison/rehab center. We visit them, play games, sing, play act Bible stories, preach and just generally love them. We have been blessed in being able to take enough bread to give each of the 250-300 children a slice or two of bread just about every time. Occasionally, we are able to take clothes, shoes, a soccer ball, food, etc. Our ongoing outreach to them has given many of them hope and encouragement. It has blessed the Bible college students and the adults that accompany them, too.

Last year I had the opportunity to move into a new apartment. Now I have two extra bedrooms to accommodate visitors. Therefore, I extend an invitation to anyone that would like to visit Uganda to see what World Outreach Ministries Foundation is doing here.

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