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Dr Brad Schmitz

Dr Brad Schmitz

Board Member | Medical Counsel
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    3 years

My name is Brad Schmitz and I am a medical doctor in a health system in Western Washington. I am married with 3 children.

I live in Fox Island , Washington. I got involved with WOMF after meeting the founder, Ron DeVore, at a prayer meeting in 2005.

He invited me to Uganda and I came in 2006 with my wife for a two-week trip. I was hooked. I love the country, the people, and the organization. It started out as just Ron, his wife, and a Uganda national named Steve Myanja. It has now grown to be involved in about 9 countries in Eastern Africa as well as Bangladesh and the Philippines. It supports over 300 orphans. It has a Bible college. It has several high schools.

I became a board member in late 2014 because I wanted to be more involved in the medical missions. I have been involved in several groups before have been doing overseas work for over 25 years. WOMF is a grass roots organization but does amazingly work and is still growing. I want to be part of that growth in the future as Ron is handing over the reins of the organization to Ed and Scott. This is an exciting organization and an exciting time. I expect there to be huge growth, huge challenges, and  God’s Grace over all of it in the future. God is at the center of this ministry and I think that is why itis still viable.

I support this ministry with my time and my finances. I have seen firsthand the work that is done in multiple countries including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. I have seen kids who were supported by the ministry become  lawyers and pharmacists.

I have adopted 2 kids with their assistance and I cannot tell you the joy they bring me.

 I think my most significant memory was seeing my  2 kids for the first time. I have seen the impact of this ministry in multiple countries and multiple people. They don't just tell the people about God. They live it!!!

The prison ministry and Crusades are most impactfull to me.  You have not seen poverty until you go to a third world prison! I have seen what this  mission has accomplished and I want to be part of what it accomplishes in the next 25 years

Brad Schmitz M.D.