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Balimunsi, Olivia

Balimunsi, Olivia

Supporting for 11 years
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  • Father's Name:

    Kisembo, Jackson (Walked out on family)

  • Mother's Name:

    Kabasinguzi, Jennifer (Died of TB (June, 2005))

Hobbies and Activities:

Playing with friends

Latest Update:

June Update-2016:​​

​Olivia's home area has been under curfew for several months now due to Post-election violence that broke out there. Her family seems to have relocated to a safe area and alot of families have been displaced, This has dirupted her school-year, and we are yet to visit there.

​Olivia has 6 more years of Primary School and after that High School.

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You can support Olivia for as little as $1.15 a day. When you support Olivia you will help her to achieve core life skill that she may not be able to get in any other way. Our primary focus for Olivia is to finish her in school or trained in a trade. We give you different options to help Olivia succeed.

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