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Mukisa, Daniel

Mukisa, Daniel

Supporting for 11 years
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  • Age:


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  • Father's Name:

    Sakanabo, Peter (Died of Aids (February 2002))

  • Mother's Name:

    Mukamusoni, Esther (Widow)

Hobbies and Activities:

Playing Soccer

Latest Update:

Dan is continued to High School, however, his performance isn't good and he’ll switch into a Trade School next term.

Dan is began at the Farm To Train in Tropical Agriculture, his course is 2 - year long and will lead to an award of a National Certificate in Agriculture.

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You can support Daniel for as little as $1.15 a day. When you support Daniel you will help him to achieve core life skill that he may not be able to get in any other way. Our primary focus for Daniel is to finish him in school or trained in a trade. We give you different options to help Daniel succeed.

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