Water AND Health


Clean Water Solutions


At WOMF, we believe that water = life!  One of the first needs we focus on when entering into a community is the access to clean water.  According to the World Health Organization, 844 million people lack even a basic drinking-water service.1  This dilemma is a global crisis but can be alleviated through your partnership.


How we provide clean water solutions:


  • Deep Well Drilling (Bore-Holes)
  • Shallow wells
  • Water Catchment Systems
  • Water filtration services



 1 WHO Fact Sheet, July 2017

Medical Outreach


Clean Water Solutions


Each year we provide a number of Medical Outreaches to communities in Africa and average around 600+ beneficiaries each day of the outreach. The lack of finances needed for medical care, proper medical evaluation, access to needed medication, and transportation to quality medical facilities has hindered the overall health in the communities we serve. Through your support, we are able to send out our qualified staff to areas that lack access to good medical care. We want to continue to see this ministry grow as we look towards providing holistic care.



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